Refreshing Order Pricing Using MyInsights

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When using a MyInsights page during the order negotiation process, users can reload the pricing rules and recalculate the order. This helps users ensure they are offering the correct price to their customers, as well as notifies users if there are any changes to the order.

For example, Sarah Jones is negotiating an order with Melanie Martin, a pharmacist for Verteo Pharmacy. She makes an update to the order based on Melanie’s request. The order negotiation process is complex due to various price books and promotions, however. This change could result in a pricing conflict. To ensure Sarah accounts for everything on the order and the correct prices are displayed, she selects the refresh order button on the custom MyInsights page. The Order Lines tab opens and a message displays that Cholecap 200mg was removed from the order. Sarah notifies the pharmacist, who agrees, then selects OK. The new commercial terms that Sarah previously selected in MyInsights are now used as well to calculate the correct prices.

The refreshOrder() function is not supported for MyInsights content on the call report.


Enabling the Order Pricing Refresh Button

To enable this feature:

  1. Create a MyInsights record for the Orders_vod record type.

  2. Embed the refreshOrder method in a button or link on an order page.

It is the Content Developer's responsibility to embed the refreshOrder method to avoid unexpected navigation to the order. The refreshOrder method should be associated with an obvious action button or link for the user to select. Content Developers determine the name of the refresh button when adding the MyInsights method.

The refreshOrder method can only be used for the Order Management MyInsights entry point.

Using the Order Pricing Refresh Button

To ensure they are offering the customer the correct pricing on the order, users select the refresh button on the MyInsights page to manually refresh the back end pricing rules used to calculate the order. The Order Lines tab opens. If any products are added to or removed from the order as a result of selecting the refresh button, a message displays detailing the changes. Users can then notify the customer and verbally obtain consent to the changes before selecting OK and placing the order.