Hosting an Engage Meeting on Veeva CRM on Desktop

  • Browser
  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)

Online users on Windows and Mac devices can host Engage meetings using Veeva CRM on Desktop. The app enables desktop users to share applications on their desktop as well as CLM content from their media library.

On the CRM Desktop (Windows) platform:

  • The host's "Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting" audio setting is respected
  • Sharing from desktop during an Engage meeting is not supported when using the laptop in tablet mode

Users must upgrade their devices to .NET version 4.6.2 or higher to use Veeva CRM on Windows Desktop. See Microsoft’s .NET documentation for more information.


  • Veeva CRM on Windows Desktop is not supported when using a virtual machine
  • Engage meetings are not supported when using VPN

Launching an Engage Meeting in Veeva CRM on Desktop

The app launches when a meeting is started from CRM in the browser. If the host does not have the app installed, the install process automatically occurs. After the app installs, the host must start the meeting again from the browser.

If a remote meeting is not scheduled in advance for a call, meeting hosts can select the Meet Now button on the call report to quickly start an Engage meeting. The button displays when a remote meeting is not scheduled for the call and the call is not submitted.

After selecting Meet Now, the call report automatically refreshes with an Engage meeting scheduled for the current time and the meeting window launches immediately.

In order for the app to auto-upgrade, ensure the following folders are trusted by your anti-virus software:

  • [Drive]:[User]\AppData\Local\SquirrelTemp\
  • [Drive]:[User]\AppData\Local\VeevaCRMEngage\
  • [Drive]:[User]\AppData\Roaming\ZoomSDK\

If there is an issue with the auto-upgrade, users can manually upgrade the app by downloading and reinstalling the Windows or Mac versions of the application.

Engage meetings must be hosted on the same platform as where the meeting was initially scheduled. For example, if a user schedules an Engage meeting on the Browser platform, the meeting must be started and hosted on the Browser platform. The exception to this is if the meeting is scheduled by booking agents.

Granting Screen Recording Permission for CRM Desktop (Mac)

Virtual events are not supported on CRM Desktop (Mac).

When using Engage Meeting on Veeva CRM Desktop for Mac for the first time, a popup displays requesting permission to screen record. To grant permission:

  1. Select Open System Preferences.
  2. Ensure Screen Recording is selected in the Privacy tab.
  3. Select the lock icon in the bottom left corner to unlock the permissions.
  4. Select the check box for EngageHelper. For users on MacOS Ventura, select the check box for Veeva CRM Desktop.
  5. Select the lock icon in the bottom left corner again to lock the permissions.
  6. Select Quit & Reopen in the popup.
  7. Restart the Engage Meeting from the call report.

Hosting an Engage Meeting

During an Engage meeting, the meeting window immediately displays in the foreground for the host when the first attendee joins the meeting.

Hosts can remove an attendee by selecting the name of the attendee. In the Manage Participants section, select More next to the appropriate attendee and select Remove. If an attendee joined from a browser, that attendee can rejoin. If joining from the HCP Engage app, attendees are not able to rejoin the meeting.

Online meeting hosts must have CLM for Online Hosting enabled in order to display CLM content. See Engage CLM Content Creation Guidelines for more information on creating and adapting CLM content to be compatible with Engage meetings hosted online.

If the host unexpectedly leaves the meeting for any reason, for example, losing internet connection, the host privileges are randomly assigned to an attendee. When the host rejoins the meeting, privileges are returned.

Downloading CLM Presentations

To display CLM presentations in an Engage meeting hosted in Veeva CRM on Desktop, users must first download the presentation either before or during the Engage meeting.

To download CLM presentations ahead of time:

  1. Launch Veeva CRM on Desktop using one of the following methods:
    • Select the desktop icon for the app
    • Double-select the app icon in the system tray, if already signed in
  2. Select the appropriate presentations to download or select Download All from the menu to download all available presentations.

Five presentations may be downloaded at the same time. Additional presentations are queued for download.

The app window can be moved and resized like any other application. It automatically refreshes to display presentations available to the user, the products associated with the presentation, and the download status of each presentation.

Using the list view, hosts can search for a presentation's name or can use the Filter () button to filter the list of available presentations by Product and Status, enabling quicker identification of the appropriate presentation to download.

Presentations in the media library have the following statuses:

  • Download Required – The presentation must be downloaded by the user
  • Updating Pending – The presentation has been updated and is automatically downloading
  • Downloaded – The presentation is available for use

Once a presentation is fully downloaded, the user can launch and view the presentation in Normal View. The slides are not interactive in Normal View. Select the Present button in the bottom right corner to display the content in fullscreen Presentation View. In Presentation View, content displays in fullscreen and is interactive. Use arrow keys to navigate between slides and the Escape key to exit the presentation. Alternatively, right-select on the slide to display a navigation menu. See Displaying CLM Content in Veeva CRM on Desktop for more information about Normal View and Presentation View.

Additionally, hosts can favorite presentations and filter the list of presentations by favorite. See Managing Favorite Presentations for more information.

Sharing Content During Online Engage Meetings

Only relevant CLM presentations based on Restricted Products, Allowed Products, and Account Segmentation for that specific call display.

Hosts can immediately share downloaded presentations. If the presentation was not downloaded, hosts can still download the media files while in the meeting.

The highlighter pen and laser pointer are not available when sharing CLM content in Veeva CRM on Desktop.

The media library window and call banner never display to attendees.

Veeva recommends using Veeva CRM on Windows Desktop on a Windows machine with a single desktop and monitor.

To display a CLM presentation or a desktop window to attendees:

  1. Select the More Actions button on the call report.
  2. Select Start Meeting to display the Veeva CRM Desktop app in the foreground. To indicate call mode, a banner displays at the top of the screen and the app icon in the system tray displays a blue dot.

    Call mode means the app is tracking CLM activity for a specific call.

  3. Launch the appropriate content in either Normal View or Presentation View.
  4. Select Share from the meeting window to view the available Normal View and Presentation View windows, as well as available desktop windows.
  5. Select the appropriate window to share. For presentations in Normal View, the entire window is shared.
  6. Select the Start Slideshow button to display content in fullscreen Presentation View for the app to begin tracking the activity. For presentations already in Presentation View, the app immediately starts tracking the activity. Activity is tracked only in Presentation View, not in Normal View.

CLM overlays are not supported when hosting an Engage meeting online.

To end call mode, perform one of the following actions:

  • Select End from the call mode banner
  • Select End Call from the tray icon menu
  • Select End Meeting from the meeting window

The app remains running in the background even after ending a call or closing the window.

Quick Sharing CLM Content in Engage Meeting

On the CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows) platforms, the Present in Engage button displays in a presentation window when the presentation is in Normal View and there is an ongoing Engage meeting. Selecting Present in Engage displays the content in Presentation View and immediately starts sharing the window with attendees, allowing hosts to skip the standard navigation for sharing content. If a presentation is already in Presentation View but is not being shared, hosts can select Present in Engage from the right-select context menu to immediately begin sharing.

Tracking CLM Usage

CLM content displayed in the Veeva CRM Desktop app during an Engage meeting is automatically tracked on the call. Users do not need to manually create a call detail or key message record before launching the Engage meeting.

A call key message is created for a presentation launched during an Engage meeting if the following conditions are met:

  • The user is in a call
  • The presentation is available for the call
  • The presentation is in Presentation View and in the foreground
  • The key message for a slide is displayed for more than 2 seconds

Duration tracking for a key message is paused when users display another window in the foreground while displaying a presentation slide.

The following information automatically associates to the call:

  • Call Key Messages are created for each Key Message displayed longer than two seconds
  • Call Detail records are created for products with a key message displayed

When the meeting is complete, tracking data syncs from the app to CRM online and associates with the specific call.

Users must allow the sync to complete, review the data, and make any additional edits to the saved call before submitting the call.

Do not edit the call while the Engage meeting is in progress.