Consent Capture on iPhone

  • iPhone

Users can access Consent Capture features through a dedicated experience on the iPhone platform, enabling users to use their iPhone to capture required HCP consent to receive communication through various channels and for storing personal information. See Consent Capture Overview for more information.

On the iPhone, the consent capture process is divided among sequential pages. Users can select Continue at the bottom of the screen to proceed to the next step. The flow of capturing consent is unchanged compared to the iPad platform.

For information on the features supported on iPhone, see Consent Capture Platforms.

Editing channel sources is not supported when using Consent Capture on the iPhone.


To configure Consent Capture on iPhone:

  1. Ensure Consent Capture is enabled.
  2. Create or activate iPhone VMOCs for the following objects:

    • Consent_Header_vod
    • Consent_Type_vod
    • Consent_Line_vod
    • Content_Type_vod
    • Country_vod
    • Email_Activity_vod
    • Multichannel_Consent_vod