Veeva CRM Standard Fields

Never delete, rename or change the data types of Veeva CRM Standard fields. Otherwise, the application will not perform correctly. You can change the labels of these fields, remove them from or add them to other page layouts or hide them from certain users using Field Level Security. You must exercise caution when hiding certain fields using Field Level Security. For example, hiding the Call Date field from a user who needs to view call reports would cause an error when that user tries to view a call report.

An example of a Veeva CRM Standard field label is Date and the corresponding field name is Call_Date_vod. The standard suffix on the field name is always “_vod”.

In some cases, Veeva CRM has specific application functionality specific to the Name field of an object. Therefore, careful consideration should be given before any changes are made. Follow the recommendations below:

  • Under no circumstances should the Name field data type format be changed from “Auto Number” to “Text.”
  • A Name field data type format change from “Text” to “Auto Number” may be possible in some cases. Please contact Veeva Support for confirmation before attempting to make this change in your ORG.

Changes to the data type format of this field may break delivered application functions and behaviors, or cause issues with future Veeva product upgrades.

Do not change Veeva CRM Standard Metrics field labels or add, delete or modify Salesforce fields and picklist value sets related to standard metrics. This could result in errors.

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