Executing a Call

Through the call report, users record the relevant information for a call. On almost all calls, relevant call information includes professional information for an account, any call attendees, a record of the product detailing and any product discussions or Key Messages conveyed during the call, and any expenses incurred during the call. Users can also attach files and launch into other CRM modules from the call report, by default.

The following functionality is available with the initial call report configuration:

  • Populating the Call Header - The fields in the call header enable users to capture basic information about the call territory, account, and datetime
  • Capturing Call Activities - Users can capture essential information about their activities during a call, including the method of communication, any attendees aside from the primary account, the products detailed, and conversations with HCPs
  • Adding Post Call Information - After a call, users can record additional information related to the call or launch into other Veeva CRM activities from the call report
  • Saving a Call Report - When a call report is saved, most of the information on the call remains editable. However, the call location and the business account are stamped on the call report on save.

Backend querying improvements were made to the online call report. Performance improvements vary based on customer configuration.