Attaching Expense Receipts for Call Reporting with SAP Concur

  • iPad

When Veeva CRM and SAP Concur are integrated, users can upload receipts associated with calls prior to submitting the call to SAP Concur. The uploaded receipts are automatically associated with the correct call once it is submitted to SAP Concur. This eliminates the need to manually upload those receipts to both the call report and SAP Concur.

iPad users can add new or existing receipts to saved calls when editing the call report via the Add Expense Receipt button. Browser users cannot attach receipts, but they can view attached expense receipts for saved or submitted calls.


When integrated with SAP Concur, field mappings must be updated to support multicurrency so that the mapping is based on the record currency, rather than the user currency. The correct mapping is CrnCode --> CurrencyIsoCode. This override must be implemented in each mapping level, including:

  • Call to Expense Entry
  • Call Primary Attendee to Expense Entry Attendee
  • Call Attendees to Expense Entry Attendee
  • Call Other Attendees to Entry Expense Attendee
  • Medical Event to Expense Entry Attendee

Users can add new or existing receipts in edit mode of a Call with a status of Saved. When the image is added, the name of the image changes to _Expense_Call2_vod <Timestamp in UTC> format. Images are stored in the attachment as JPG/JPEG images. When a user submits a Call with an attached Expense receipt, the attachment is synced as part of the Auto-Send process. See Sync Overview for more information.

Configuring Attaching Receipts

To enable this functionality:

  1. Grant users the following permissions:



    Record Types









  2. Place the zvod_Add_Expense_Receipts_vod field in a new section on the appropriate Call2_vod object page layout. This new section should not contain any other fields besides the zvod_Add_Expense_Receipts_vod field.

    The zvod_Add_Expense_Receipt_vod field displays the button to add images to the call report. If users are granted only FLS read permission to this field, receipts are visible but users are not able to upload or modify receipts.

  3. Place the Expense_Receipt_Status_vod field on the appropriate Call2_vod page layouts.

Capturing and Attaching Expense Receipts

iPad users can capture new receipt images or use an existing image from the device’s photo library. If multiple receipts are added, all attachments are consolidated into one image that is posted to SAP Concur.

Users capture receipts by selecting one of the following buttons on the call report:

  • The Add Expense Receipt button on the call layout
  • The Add Expense Receipt button in the More Actions menu, found in the top right toolbar when editing a call

From either button, users can capture a new image or select an existing image from their camera roll.

The photo quality of attached receipts is determined by the Photo Quality Veeva Setting. If the PHOTO_QUALITY Veeva Setting is set to 0, the Add Receipts button still displays and photos are captured with a photo quality of 3 (high quality).

Attaching Expense Receipts

Once the appropriate image is captured or selected, users select Use Photo to attach the image to the call report. Attached receipts display in the Expense Receipts section of the call report. Users can delete or modify the attachment until the call is submitted.

In organizations integrated with SAP Concur, the size of an individual image attached as an expense receipt should not exceed 2MB. The total size of the images attached as expense receipts should not exceed 5MB. A warning message displays preventing the attachment of additional images once this size is reached.

Images are stored in the attachment as JPG/JPEG images. When the image is added, the name of the image changes to _Expense_<Timestamp in UTC>__Call2_vod_c format—for example, _Expense_2020-12-17T20:48:27.253Z Call2_vod_c.jpg.

Submitting Calls with Expense Receipts

When a user submits a call with an attached expense receipt, the attachment is synced as part of the Auto-Send process. See Sync Overview for more information.

Users can modify and delete previously uploaded receipts on saved calls, but cannot modify and delete receipts after a call is submitted. Once the expense receipts are posted to Concur, the Expense Receipts Status field indicates whether the receipts successfully posted or failed to post with Sucess or Fail, respectively.

Recording Expenses for Non-Profiled Attendees

Veeva CRM supports the entry of non-profiled attendees in order to accurately record which additional people (office staff, techs) incurred expenses during a call. Users are presented with a table-based entry control in the call report when the Other Attendees section is enabled. See Capturing Information on Other Attendees for details.

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