Configuring Call Report Expense

To configure the Call Report to capture expenses:

Ensure users have FLS to the Attendee Specific Fields.

  1. Modify the appropriate Call object (Call2_vod__c) page layouts.
  2. Add a new section called Attendees on the appropriate page layout.
  3. Add the following section signals:
  • --paa
  • --su
  1. Add the following required fields to the new section:
  • Expense_Amount_vod__c – if you want Expense Amount to display at the top of the page, add it to the Professional Information.
  • zvod_Attendees
  1. Add the following optional fields:
  • Incurred_Expense_vod__c - add as an Attendee Specific field. This field provides the ability to select which attendees get posted to SAP Concur. Incurred Expense is selected by default.
  1. Create a new section for the –asf section signal;  this section signal should have its own section. Add the Incurred Expense field.
  • Attendee specific fields are enabled by creating a new section in the call report page layout with the --asf section signal appended to the section title. Any fields added to this section will display in a new section specific to each attendee selected on the call. The section supports one or two column layouts as well as fields of any data type.

If Incurred Expense is not added to the layout all attendees will post as an expense to SAP Concur.

  1. Expense_Attendee_Type_vod__c - The default Attendee Type code is BUSGUEST. The Custom/multiple attendee types picklist can be edited. To configure custom attendee types, you need the codes for each attendee type you want to map.
    The SAP Concur Admin will have to access the codes:
    1. Open SAP Concur.
    2. Click Expense Admin.
    3. Click Attendees.
    4. Click Attendee Types.
  • You can add custom attendee type codes as picklist values for the Expense Attendee Type field. Use the Translation Workbench to change the labels, if applicable.

Other Attendees

Veeva created an optional section for Other Attendees on the Call Report to capture non-target persons who may have participated in the call. Other Attendees could be techs or receptionists and may have participated in a lunch and learn or other type of activity.

To properly allocate the expense later, track these individuals in the Expense Management system.  Veeva provides a text based entry to capture these attendees.  They are posted as attendees to the expense in SAP Concur just like any Veeva Account would be, with the exception of an external ID. When posted, Other Attendees defaults to Incurred Expense.

This section is not supported for Medical Events.

The Other Attendees section consists of three text fields:

  • First Name – required
  • Last Name – required
  • Designation – not required

To enable Other Attendees, add the Attendee_List_vod__c field to the layout in its own section as a single-column layout to enable the Optional Attendees section.

The Attendee_List__vod__c is a placeholder to allow for better control of information related to each attendee field:

  • First Name - required by SAP Concur API. The maximum length is 64 characters. The field label is controlled by the Account field with the same name.
  • Last Name - required by SAP Concur API. The maximum length is 64 characters. The field label is controlled by the Account field with the same name.
  • Designation – The maximum length is 20 characters. The label is configured by the DESIGNATION Veeva Message.