Territory Management Overview

Territories are geographic groupings of accounts that are used to assign end-users to a certain area. Using territories enables orgs to organize their accounts by their location, while also increasing end-user efficiency by restricting a user’s access to only relevant accounts. Territory Management enables admins to control which accounts a user has access to. Veeva CRM offers several approaches to managing Territories based on different business needs.

With Territory Management, admins and territory managers can perform the following tasks:

  • Manage Account-to-Territory alignments via one of the following methods:
  • Zip or Postal Code-based Alignments – Also called Zip-to-Terr, accounts automatically associate to territories based on a zip-to-terr mapping record and the Zip_vod field of the account’s associated addresses
  • Brick or Address-based Alignments – Accounts automatically associate to territories based on a brick-to-terr mapping object and the Brick_vod field of the account’s associated addresses
  • The Account Territory Loader (ATL) – An explicit list of Account-to-Territory assignments that applies to each account, regardless of location
  • Veeva Align – A commercial product for the Life Sciences industry dedicated to Field Force and Territory Management. Align integrates directly with CRM and has an advanced assignment rules engine that manages current alignments and scenario-planning for future alignments. Field teams can preview and provide feedback on alignment changes.
  • Load externally-generated alignments directly into the Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management objects
  • Test and implement alignments – Admins can use Territory Utilities to clear assignments, rebuild assignment rules, and implement test territory assignments. This is only applicable to Zip-to-Terr and Brick-based Alignments.