Brick-based Alignments

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A Brick is a geographical area outside the US made up of accounts that can be used to report on sales data for the assigned accounts. Accounts are aligned to territories based on a brick and are defined at the address level. Bricks can align to multiple territories and can have mini-bricks under them. Mini-bricks can only align to one brick.

Configuring Brick-Based Alignments

To enable this feature:

  1. Add the Brick_vod field to the appropriate Address_vod object page layouts.
  2. Populate the Brick_vod field for all appropriate Address_vod records.

Linking Bricks to Territories

The Brick_to_Terr_vod object matches the brick to the territory. To associate these two records, populate the following fields:

  • Name – Contains the name of the brick code.
  • Territory_vod field – The semicolon-delimited list of territories assigned to accounts when the Run Mass Assignment Territories utility is used

These fields are case and accent insensitive. For example, Territóry1 is the same as territory1.

Assigning Accounts to Bricks and Territories

When Territory Utilities run, the Territory_vod or the Test_Territory_vod fields on the account object are populated based on the appropriate Brick_to_Terr_vod record.

Territory Utilities respect the Include_in_Territory_Assignment_vod check box.

When viewing territories, a brick level analysis displays using the Brick_Hierarchy_vod object. See Fixed Reports for more information on how to use brick based analysis.