Fixed Reports Overview

Veeva Systems has designed and implemented the first pre-built, hosted field analytics solution for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data.

Designed as an extension of the Veeva CRM application, Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data provides pre-built, industry standard report templates seamlessly integrated in the Veeva CRM application. Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data integrates third-party sales data with Veeva CRM account profiles, call activity, scheduling, and cycle plans, to deliver actionable field insights. Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data's data-driven architecture empowers your field sales force with the right information, at the right time, in the right location.

The first step in using Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data is loading sales data into the system. Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data system is a data-driven system and meta-data about the sales data must be set up before it can be loaded. Sales data is kept in a database separate from Veeva CRM so data storage limits are not affected. In addition to sales data, call activity data is loaded into the Fixed Reports database for use in the activity reports, including Average Calls Per Day, Reach & Frequency, and Effort vs. Results. Both data load processes should be considered periodic, “batch” processes.

Fixed reports and charts integrate data from both Salesforce and its own database based on the user’s selected report criteria. Fixed Reports for Sales and Activity Data gets the sales data from its local database and all call activity and account and product information from Salesforce.

With Fixed Reports, admins can perform the following tasks:

  • Loading Data into CRM – Admins upload sales data to be processed and analyzed using the Analytics Admin tab
  • Managing Fixed Reports – Admins can control which data displays in different reports and how data is displayed
  • Viewing Fixed Reports – End users can view out-of-the-box fixed reports to analyze sales data