Zip-to-Terr Alignment

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The Zip-to-Terr object stores the association between a zip code and a territory and consists of the following fields:

  • Territory_vod – A semicolon-delimited list of territories assigned to the zip code. Uses the following format:


  • Name – The label for this field is Zip Code. Defines the zip code to assign the list of territories

The Zip_to_Terr_vod object automatically creates Salesforce Account Assignment Rules used to assign accounts to territories based on the zip code of their associated addresses.

Zip-to-Terr cannot remove territories from accounts. Territories can be removed manually from accounts by removing the appropriate value on the account's Territory_vod field and enabling the Exclude From Terr Assignment check box. This prevents the territory from being reassigned to the account.

To use Zip-to-Terr:

  1. Dataload all appropriate Zip_to_Terr_vod records containing the desired postal codes to territories assignments.
  2. Navigate to the Territory Utilities tab.
  3. Select Rebuild Veeva Territory Rules. This creates rules that assign accounts to the territory defined by the account’s Territory_vod field.
  4. Select Test Territory Assignment to test the Run Mass Assignment utility. If an Address_vod record has the Include_in_Territory_Alignment_vod check box selected, the zip code is checked against all available Zip_to_Terr_vod records. If a record matches both the zip code and a territory, the territory is stamped on the account’s Territory_Test_vod field.
  5. Select Run Mass Assignment if the test assignment was successful. This populates the Territory_vod field.
  6. Navigate to Setup > Territory Model.
  7. Select the View Hierarchy link for the appropriate hierarchy.
  8. Select Run Assignment Rules to finalize the alignments. Run Assignment Rules uses rules built from Zip_to_Terr_vod records and matches them against the territories listed in each account’s Territory_vod field.

Processing the Alignment on a Specific Account

The Assign Territory button on the Account object can be added to page layouts and selected to perform the entire assignment process for a specific Account record without needing to go to the Territory Model page.

Selecting Assign Territory uses existing Zip-to-Terr records to populate the account’s Territory_vod, while also running defined rules assignments.

Processing the Alignment on a Specific Zip-to-Terr Record

The Zip-to-Terr Process Alignment button provides a way to assign territories based on specific Zip_to_Terr_vod records, providing more granular control than the Run Mass Assignment Territory Utility.

Displaying the Process Alignment Button

In order for users to use Zip-to-Terr to align specific Zip_to_Terr_vod records, the Process Alignment button must be added to the Zip-to-Terrs List View Search Layout on the Zip_to_Terr_vod object.

Aligning Specific Records

To align specific Zip_to_Terr_vod records:

  1. Navigate to the Zip-to-Terrs tab.
  2. Select all appropriate Zip Codes.

  3. Select Process Alignment.

Using Custom Fields in Zip-to-Terr Alignment

Admins can create custom fields on the Zip_to_Terr_vod object to suit their individual company needs. However, any custom field in the Zip_to_Terr_vod object must also have an identical custom field on the Account object. For example, if an admin adds the Custom_Field__c field to Zip_to_Terr_vod, they must also add Custom_Field__c to Account.