Using the Veeva-Provided Custom MyInsights Engage Splash Screen

  • iPad

When a meeting host is not sharing their screen during an Engage meeting, a splash screen displays to attendees. Admins and content creators can use the Veeva-provided custom MyInsights Engage splash screen or create a custom MyInsights splash screen to enhance the hosting experience for attendees.

You cannot edit custom MyInsights pages using MyInsights Studio, including Veeva-provided custom pages. You can only import and deploy them in MyInsights Studio. Only pages created in MyInsights Studio can be edited with MyInsights Studio. See Managing Custom Pages in MyInsights Studio.

Configuring the Veeva-Provided Custom MyInsights Engage Splash Screen

To enable the Engage splash screen:

  1. Ensure Engage is configured.
  2. Download the Engage Splash Screen content zip file.

    Custom splash screens should be compressed directly, rather than the contents within a folder that is compressed.

  3. Grant meeting hosts FLS read permission to the Photo_vod field on the User_Detail_vod object.
  4. Create an HTML_Report_vod record with the Remote_Meeting_vod record type and attach the content zip file. See Creating MyInsights Content for more information.