Sharing Links in Engage Meeting

Hosts can share several different types of links in Engage Meeting to enhance functionality and improve the overall meeting experience:

Veeva Engage Meeting is an application enabling users to schedule and execute Calls with HCPs via video conference and online content sharing. This application helps users be more efficient by executing remote meetings in between face-to-face meetings and, when users have large territories, to interact more often with HCPs who might be more difficult to reach. Users can also engage with doctors who practice in no-see hospitals without physically entering the hospital.

Additional Engage Meeting functionality:

  • Schedule and execute meetings on iPad and Windows
  • Launch and share CLM content from an Engage Meeting
  • Track CLM content displayed in an Engage Meeting
  • Send and manage meeting invitations with Approved Email

Medical Events cannot be scheduled as an Engage Meeting. Events Management customers can use Virtual Events to host events via Engage Meeting.

Engage Meeting allows hosts and attendees to perform the following actions:


  • Scheduling an Engage Meeting – Meeting hosts can schedule an Engage Meeting on either the iPad or Online platforms
  • Inviting Attendees to an Engage Meeting – A unique URL is generated for each attendee. Hosts can distribute these URLs to the attendees for them to use to join the meeting.
  • Hosting an Engage Meeting – Hosts can share CLM content and communicate with the attendees
  • Activities After an Engage Meeting – An automated process compiles attendance information about the Engage Meeting that can be used for reporting and auditing


  • Receive the Invitation – Attendees receive invitations for Engage Meetings from the host. These invitations include a unique URL that attendees can use to join the meeting
  • Join the Engage Meeting – Using the unique URL included in the invitation, attendees can join the Engage Meeting using either the Engage Web Client or one of the Engage Attendee Apps
  • Leave Meeting – Once the meeting is over, the attendee leaves the Engage Meeting

Engage Meeting is restricted in some countries due to regulatory concerns.

This feature is for hosting remote meetings with attendees to share approved content at the pace of the host. See Engage for Portals for information on creating online-hosted presentations that can be viewed by attendees at their own pace and CoBrowse for more information on how to enable simultaneous browser sessions between end users and attendees.