Components of Consent Capture

Consent Capture consists of the following components:

Consent Header (Consent_Header_vod)

Consent headers define the countries and languages for capturing consent along with other attributes required for advanced functionality. There can be multiple headers for one country, each for a different language, allowing end users to select the preferred language for an HCP. Switching languages displays translations of the consent text, disclaimer text, and consent lines.

Consent headers have 3 statuses:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Staged

End users can view active consent headers. Consent admins can view both staged and active consent headers.

Consent admins cannot edit a consent header or create and edit related consent types and consent lines if the status of the consent header is Active. This prevents consent admins from making changes while the consent header is in use.

There can only be one active consent header per country per language.

See Creating Consent Headers for more information about how to create and use consent headers.

Consent Type (Consent_Type_vod)

Consent types define the communication channels and the disclaimers or consent lines related to that consent channel. Each consent type is related to a consent header.

Customers can define custom record types for communication channels outside of Veeva CRM, for example, SMS or portal. Every custom record type created on the Consent_Type_vod object must have a corresponding custom record type on the Multichannel_Consent_vod object.

See Creating Consent Types for more information about how to create and use consent types.

Consent Line (Consent_Line_vod)

Consent lines define the type of information a customer wants to send. Each consent line is related to a consent type.

There are 3 record types:

  • Product
  • Content Type – customer-defined categories of information which are not tied to products
  • Sub Channel – temporary channels for consent types

See Creating Consent Lines for more information about how to create and use consent lines.

Multichannel Consent (Multichannel_Consent_vod)

Multichannel consent records track consent activity. When a user captures consent, a multichannel consent record is created for each channel with consent changes, containing the consent type and consent line information for that channel.

Each record type on the Multichannel_Consent_vod object must correspond to a record type on the Consent_Type_vod object.

The following fields are always populated on multichannel consent records:

  • Account_vod
  • Capture_Datetime_vod
  • Opt_Type_vod

Other fields, including Channel_Value_vod or Sent_Email_vod, are only stamped if the values exist for the captured consent.