Creating Consent Headers

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To use Consent Capture, consent admins must first create consent header records to define a country and language for capturing consent.

Admins must create the same consent type and consent line records for consent headers for the same country but different languages.

  1. Navigate to the Consent Headers tab.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter at least the following information:
    • Name
    • Country_vod
    • Language_vod
  4. Set the Status_vod field to Inactive or Staged.
  5. After setting the Status_vod field to Active, consent admins cannot further edit the consent header or create and edit related consent types and consent lines.

  6. Select Save.

Managing the Consent Capture Screen

Consent admins can control the help text which displays to end users at the top of the Consent Capture screen. Help text can be anything from overview information to instructions on how to use the functionality. Enter the appropriate help text in the Consent_Header_Help_Text_vod field.

Consent admins can disable the global subscription buttons to ensure HCPs only select the specific channels to which they want to consent. Enter a value of 1 in the Subscription_Option_vod field.

Set the Status_vod field on the Consent_Header_vod object for the consent header record to one of the following:
  • Active – displays consent channels and lines on the Consent Capture screen and prevents further editing
  • Staged – hides the consent records from end users while allowing consent admins to review how the Consent Capture screen displays

Displaying Consent Header Logic

Not all consent headers display when a user navigates to the Consent Capture screen from an account. Different consent headers display for different accounts depending on the country fields for the consent headers, the account, and the user. Consent admins should understand the following logic to ensure the appropriate consent headers display for an account:

  • If the account’s country is specified, consent headers with matching country fields display
  • If the account’s country is unspecified OR there are no consent headers matching the account’s country, consent headers matching the user’s country display
  • If the account’s country is unspecified AND there are no consent headers matching the user’s country, consent headers with unspecified country fields display

The Country_vod field on the Consent_Header_vod object is a lookup field to a Country_vod record. When selecting the appropriate consent header, the consent header logic matches the account or user’s country to different fields on the Country_vod record depending on the platform:

  • iPad, Online: Alpha_2_Code_vod
  • Windows: Name