Virtual Event Host Screen Sharing on the iPad

Hosts can share a variety of content in addition to CLM presentations in a virtual event. This enables greater interactivity during virtual events as hosts can share their entire screen, including assets or applications outside of CRM.

This feature is only available when CRM is installed via the app store. Customers using a manual installation must migrate to the app store version to use this feature.

For example, Sarah Jones hosts a virtual event with several attendees. Sarah wants to share materials that are relevant to the event, but are not stored in CRM. She starts sharing her screen and navigates to the materials outside of CRM. Her attendees can see these materials in the event until Sarah stops sharing her screen.

This feature does not require configuration.


  • This feature displays everything on the host’s device to attendees, including iOS notifications, the Meeting Controls Menu, other parts of CRM, and other applications
  • While audio and video can be played through the host's device, this functionality is not supported by Apple. Content creators should thoroughly test audio and video content before displaying content to attendees.
  • Alternative Hosts can also share their screen

Sharing the Screen

To start sharing the screen to attendees:

  1. Select Share Content.

  2. Select Screen to display the iOS Broadcasting modal.

    If an attendee is sharing their screen when the host or alternative host selects Share Screen, a confirmation modal displays requiring hosts to confirm they wish to override the screen share.

  3. Select Veeva CRM.

  4. Select Start Broadcast.

    When the hosts selects this button, a countdown notifies hosts when content will start displaying to attendees. During this countdown, hosts can select anywhere outside of the modal to dismiss it to prepare for when the countdown finishes. The modal is automatically dismissed once the countdown finishes.

Once the host starts sharing their screen to attendees, everything that displays on the host’s device, including iOS notifications, other parts of CRM, and other applications, display to attendees.

Hosts can minimize the meeting UI to navigate to other parts of the CRM application by selecting Minimize Meeting in the More menu.

Ending Screen Sharing

Hosts can stop sharing their screen via one of the following methods:

  • Select the Stop Share button in the Meeting Controls Menu
  • Ending or exiting the virtual event