Components of Surveys

Surveys consists of the following components:

Surveys Data Model

The Surveys module consists of several objects and record types.

Survey Objects

The Surveys module consists of five objects that cover survey creation and design and survey execution:

Survey Creation and Design

  • Survey_vod – This object stores the Survey header information. Things like start and end dates, assignment rules, etc. This is the template for Survey_Target_vod records.
  • Survey_Question_vod – This record stores questions related to a specific Survey. This is a template for Question_Response_vod records.
  • Question_vod - the Question Bank. Question Bank questions can be used repeatedly on multiple surveys.

Survey Execution

  • Survey_Target_vod – When an end user fills out a Survey it is stored in a Survey_Target_vod. The Survey_Target_vod copies all the information from the related Survey_vod template, stores the target account, and other data relevant to the individual activity.
  • Question_Response_vod – When an end user answers questions on a Survey (Survey_Target_vod) the data is stored on the Question_Response_vod record. The record copies all the information from the related Survey_Question_vod template, and the end user’s response to the individual question.

Record Types

Record types are used on all five Survey objects.

  • Survey_vod and Survey_Target_vod have two associated record types: One_Time_vod and Recurring_vod. When a survey target record is created, it uses the same record type as the related survey.
  • Question_vod and Survey_Question_vod have multiple record types, one for each type of question. For example, pick-list, radio, text, and date.
  • When a survey question is created in the Question Bank, the same record type is used for the new survey question record as for the related Question record.
  • The Question_Response_vod object has two record types:
  • CRM_vod - for responses from surveys taken from within CRM
  • CLM_vod - for responses from surveys taken as part of a CLM presentation

Record type access is required at the profile level for each user who creates a record. For example, if a user is creating one-time surveys, that user profile must have access to the One_Time_vod record type on the Survey_vod object.

Record type permissions can be removed to prevent survey admins from creating certain question types. For example, to prohibit long-text questions, remove permissions to the Long_Text_vod record type.

Survey Administration Screen

The Survey Administration screen is the home base for the Surveys module. From this screen, users can create, edit, or delete a survey. It lists the 100 most recent surveys, their start and end dates, their status, and whether they are one time or recurring.

Survey Questions

There are several types of survey questions, for example, picklist, text, and radio. After a question is created and saved, it can be added to the Question Bank for use in other surveys if needed.

Survey Segments

Segments allow users to categorize results of the weighted questions in a survey. You can create segments based on the total value of the weighted questions. When a survey target is submitted, the values of answer choices are summed and the values are stamped to the Score_vod field on the Survey Target record. This value is compared to the Segment_vod field in the Survey_vod record. The segment that corresponds to the account's score gets stamped into the Segment_vod field on the survey target record.

Surveys Page Layouts

Surveys page layouts allow survey admins to create various parts of a survey. Survey admins can create a one-time or recurring survey, add questions, and set the survey language.

Survey Channels

The Channels_vod field displays by default on the Survey_vod page layout. This text field renders as a multi-select field and determines which channel the survey can be answered in: CRM, CLM, or Approved Email.

Survey Targets

A target is an account for which an end user executes a survey. Target ownership is determined by Assignment Rules. Survey admins can add target accounts via the Survey Management screen or by data loading.

Assignment Rules

Assignment Rules determine ownership of survey target records for targeted accounts after a survey is published. They also determine which end users can create survey target records for Open surveys and which accounts can be surveyed. This information is stored in the Open_vod, Territory_vod, and Assignment_Type_vod fields in the Survey_vod object.