Displaying Medical Inquiry Attachments

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Online users can create, edit, and view medical inquiry attachments from the Medical Inquiry screen. This allows users to add attachments that can be viewed online by MSLs and other users.

For example, Sarah Jones creates a Medical Inquiry and attaches a photo on her iPad. An MSL is able to review the photo attachment online.

Configuring Medical Inquiry Attachments

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant users Read permission to the Medical_Inquiry_vod object. Optionally, users can also have edit, delete, or create permission.
  2. Place the Notes & Attachments related list on the appropriate Medical_Inquiry_vod page layout.

This feature does not support Multiple Product Inquiries.

Using Medical Inquiry Attachments

When a user navigates to Medical Inquiries and selects Attachments, all attachments display.

If the user has edit, delete, or create permissions, they may modify the attachments on the Medical Inquiry.

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