Viewing Custom Fields in the Cycle Plan Target Popup

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Custom fields and inherited information from account, address, TSF, and product metrics records can be configured to display in the Cycle Plan Target popup (in the Call Schedule). This provides users with detailed information about a specific account in the Cycle Plan. The information that displays depends on Cycle Plan configuration. By default, the popup displays planned calls, actual calls, and attainment. Depending on which fields are configured on the Cycle Plan Target object, additional custom fields display in the popup—for example, product restrictions, product awareness, and HCP specialty.

For example, Sarah Jones plans her weekly calls in advance through My Schedule. She selects Dr. Ackerman’s account to view information on past calls and product awareness. Sarah’s last call to Dr. Ackerman was over a month ago and he is unaware of Cholecap, so she schedules a call to detail Cholecap to Dr. Ackerman in the upcoming week.


Configuring Custom Fields in the Cycle Plan Target Popup

  1. Set the CYCLE_PLAN_THRESHOLD_vod Veeva Setting to the desired thresholds for changing the colors of the attainment dial displayed in the popup.

  2. Grant users FLS read permission to the Attainment_Difference_vod field on the Cycle_Plan_vod object.

Using the Cycle Plan Target Popup

To view the popup window from the Call Scheduler when a Cycle Plan is selected as the filter, users select the Cycle Plan row under the account name. The Cycle Plan Target popup displays under the selected account’s box. The following information displays in the Cycle Plan Target popup by default:

If the check box for the ENABLE_CYCLE_PLANS_REMAINING Veeva Setting is selected, then attainment is replaced by remaining calls.

Any Custom Fields that are configured for the Cycle Plan Target display in the Cycle Plan Target popup, in the same order in which they are defined in the Cycle Plan Target related list.

Field values are not editable from the Cycle Plan Target popup.