Executing a Call

Additional configuration can enhance call report functionality, depending on regulations and business needs.

Call report functionality is expanded through section customizations and fields that enable users to view and record additional call information, capture signatures, and integrate call reporting with other applications and Veeva CRM modules.

Conversely, admins can use call and product restrictions to limit call report functionality for certain accounts, territories, or products based on regulations and compliance rules.

  • Populating the Call Header -The options for changing the call record type and capturing the call location, address, and date can be customized as business needs require
  • Capturing Call Activities - Users can capture additional information about their activities during a call through additional configuration of call report sections like Attendees, Key Messages, Product Detailing, Product Discussions, and Signature Capture, or through integration with other Veeva CRM modules like Action Items for KAMs and Surveys Overview
  • Adding Post Call Information - After a call, users can record additional information related to the call through integration with other applications and other Veeva CRM modules
  • Restricting Calls and Products - Users can be restricted from recording calls and discussing products with specific accounts. Users can also be limited to detailing or sampling specific allowed products.