Suggestion Surveys

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Veeva CRM Surveys can now be used to generate feedback for Suggestions. This more targeted feedback is intended to increase the effectiveness of CRM Suggestions. All survey questions and answer types are also available for Suggestion Surveys.

Suggestion Surveys are assigned at the individual Suggestion level. This accommodates nearly any logical assignment of surveys to user groups (e.g. brand, profile, region, therapeutic area, etc). Veeva provides the ability to define and assign Surveys to Suggestions and leaves the assignment rules to customers or their data science partners.

Suggestion Survey definitions and responses are data driven. New surveys can be created or edited using the established survey designer process or data load.

Configuring Suggestions Surveys

To enable this feature: 

  1. Ensure Suggestions and Surveys are configured for the appropriate roles.
  2. Grant administrators FLS edit access to the Suggestion_Survey_vod field on the Suggestion_vod object.
  3. Grant administrators read permission to the Survey_vod object.
  4. Grant administrators access to the Suggestion_Survey_vod record type on the Survey_vod and Survey_Target_vod objects.
  5. Grant users FLS read permission to the Suggestion_Survey_vod field on the Suggestion_vod object and Read/Write permission to the Suggestion_vod field on the Survey_Target_vod object.
  6. Grant users access to the Suggestion_vod record type on the Question_Response_vod object.
  7. Grant users access to the Suggestion_Survey_vod record type on the Survey_Target_vod object.
  8. Ensure Suggestion records have the Suggestion_Survey_vod lookup field on the Suggestion_vod object populated with a valid published Survey_vod of record type Suggestion_Survey_vod.
  9. Assign the Suggestion Survey page layout to the Suggestion_Survey_vod record type on the Survey object

Survey Creation

Suggestion Survey Designers follow the established Survey creation and publishing processes.

Additional Notes:

  • Designers should select the Suggestion Survey record type when creating new surveys
  • Surveys will be locked when Publishing
  • Publishing the Suggestion Survey sets the Channel_vod field and the Status_vod field on the Survey_vod object to "Suggestions_vod" and "Published_vod"
  • Ensure that Survey_vod object defaults is public or that the Survey records are shared to the required end users
  • The concepts of Survey Assignment Rules, Segments, and Targets are not supported with Suggestion Surveys
  • Branching Surveys for Suggestions are supported only on the iPad platform. See Using Branching Survey Questions for more information.

Using Suggestions Surveys

When a user dismisses a Suggestion, a Suggestion Survey displays. After the user answers all the required questions, they can submit the Suggestion Survey.

Submission of a survey generates a documented response stored in the Question_Response_vod object record which are linked to a specific suggestion by a Survey Target object record.

For customers or data science partners who want more granular control of how Survey references are formatted, a Salesforce workflow can be configured to auto-populate the External ID field on the Surveys object.

Suggestion Surveys can also function as a reminder solution. For example, when users close a Suggestion, they are prompted with a Survey asking if they would like to see the Suggestion again at a later time. Users can specify a day and the Suggestion administrator or data science partner solution can reschedule the Suggestion to be sent at that time.

If the Suggestion Survey is populated, the suggestion displays. If not, the four hardcoded Snooze and Dismissal questions display.