Dismissing a Suggestion

  • iPad
  • Browser (Classic)
  • Windows Tablet

Suggestions can be dismissed using the Dismiss button. When a Suggestion is dismissed, it is removed from the UI and an update is made to the Suggestion Feedback object for reporting.

Configuring the Dismiss Button

Ensure the Accounts and Suggestions initial configurations are complete to use this functionality.

To enable the Dismiss button:

  1. Grant the following permissions:

    Object OLS Record Type Fields FLS
    Suggestion_vod RU n/a Display_Dismiss_vod read
    Suggestion_Feedback_vod RCU Dismiss_vod n/a n/a
  2. Select the Display_Dismiss_vod check box on the Suggestion_vod object.

If a Suggestion is associated at the Account level and not the User level, using the public model, when a user dismisses the suggestion, the suggestion is removed from the view for all users who have access to suggestions for the account.

If a suggestion is associated at the account and user level, the user who owns the suggestion is the only one impacted by the dismissal of the suggestion.