Creating a Survey

Surveys can be created in two ways: manually and through data loading. Manually created surveys are created using the Survey tab online. Data loaded surveys allow admins to enter large amounts of survey data at one time, and some surveys, for example, Child Account Surveys must be data loaded.

Two types of surveys can be used to gather information: one-time surveys and recurring surveys. One-time surveys are meant to gather a set of information only one time. Recurring surveys allow users to answer the same set of questions about an account on a recurring basis. These surveys maintain a history of responses, enabling users to track changes to answers over time.

Both one-time and recurring surveys can be open surveys, meaning end users can select a target account, or internal surveys, which are used to gather feedback internally in a company.

If users are allowed to create surveys, grant access to the One_Time_vod record type on the Survey_vod object.

If you do not want users to have access to open surveys, remove Create permission to the Survey_Target_vod object.

In addition to opening a survey in CRM, surveys can be accessed from Suggestions, Events Management, Approved Email, and CLM.

Manually Creating Surveys

Manual surveys are created via the Survey tab online. When a user creates a survey, basic parameters are defined, for example, whether the survey is one time or recurring, the survey’s start and end date, and the survey language.

To manually create a survey:

  1. Navigate to the Surveys tab.
  2. Select New.
  3. Select either One Time or Recurring from the Record Type of new record drop-down list.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Enter a name in the Survey Name field.
  6. Select a value from the Start Date and End Date fields.
  7. Select an option from the Language drop-down list. If an option is not selected, the survey language defaults to the user’s language.
  8. Select either Product or Territory from the Product and Territory drop-down list.
  9. Select a product from the Product drop-down list, if applicable.
  10. Select the Select Territories button.
  11. Select at least one territory from the drop-down list and select Insert Selected.
  12. Select Save.

After creating a survey record, the survey designer is directed to the Survey Management screen, where they add questions, add survey targets, and publish a survey, among other things.