Global Account Browse

  • iPad
  • Windows

Global Account Browse allows offline users to look outside their account assignments using the Sphere of Influence or Account Hierarchy. Allowing offline users to browse these additional account relationships helps users better understand their account’s networks.

For example, Sarah Jones needs to give a presentation on a new Cholecap indication to ten top rheumatologists, but she has identified only eight of them in her territory. She knows that Dr. Ackerman, who is in her territory, is very influential and connected with many rheumatologists. Sarah uses Dr. Ackerman’s Sphere of Influence record to browse to the other doctors and to their networks to find other potential attendees to invite.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To browse from one out-of-territory account to another, ensure there is an internet connection.

Using Global Account Browse

When a user selects either the View Hierarchy tab or the Sphere of Influence tab in My Accounts, the accounts in the user’s territory display along with their affiliated accounts that are out of the user’s territory. Out-of-Territory accounts display in gray. In the example, Clinton Ackerman is in the user’s territory, as are three of his affiliations. Three affiliated accounts are out of territory and display in gray.

If a user selects Christopher Damico, that account becomes the center of the hierarchy, and accounts with relationships to Christopher Damico display. Select Back to return to the original account relationship view.

Select the icon associated with an account to display detailed information about the account relationship.

Global Account Browse retrieves 5000 records for Account Hierarchy and 1000 records for Sphere of Influence affiliations for each navigation layer on the Online platform. If an account has more related accounts, the results are truncated, and a message indicating the truncation displays.