Prerequisite Call Objectives

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In certain cases, there is a preferred order for Call Objectives to be executed in an Account Plan, often across multiple stakeholders. Key Account Managers can now set the order for team members to execute Call Objectives in an Account Plan by defining a Prerequisite that must be complete before any Call Objectives in the Account Plan can be executed.

For example, Sarah Jones can only engage with Dr. Ackerman after the MSL meets with the relevant KOL for a particular product. In this case, an MSL meeting with the KOL is a prerequisite to Sarah meeting with Dr. Ackerman.

Configuring Prerequisite Call Objectives

To configure Prerequisite Call Objectives:

  1. Grant users FLS edit permission to the Prerequisite_vod and the Non_Executable_vod fields on the Call_Objective_vod object.
  2. Place the Prerequisite_vod and Non_Executable_vod fields on the appropriate Call_Objective_vod object page layout.

The Prerequisite_vod and Non_Executable_vod fields on the Call_Objective_vod object are read only for iPad even if FLS edit permission is granted.

Using Prerequisite Call Objectives

Call objectives must meet the following criteria to be a prerequisite:

  • A prerequisite call objective must be in the same account plan as its dependent call objective
  • A call objective can only have one prerequisite. However, a prerequisite can be assigned to more than one call objective.
  • The start date for the dependent call objective, the one with the prerequisite, must be before the prerequisite call objective

A prerequisite can only be one of the following Call Objective types:

  • Standard - Fill out fields
  • Standard - One click (on_by_default__v check box is selected on the Call Objective record)
  • Special Type - associated with CLM, Contracts, or Inventory Monitoring, based on object type

The following cannot be a Prerequisite Call Objective:

To set a Call Objective as a Prerequisite, select the lookup icon next to the Prerequisite field when creating or editing a Call Objective.


A pop-up displays allowing users to select an eligible Call Objective to set as a Prerequisite.

The Prerequisite_vod and Non_Executable_vod fields on the Call_Objective_vod object are read only offline even if FLS is set to edit.