Business Events

  • iPad

Business Events assign Call Objectives that must be completed for specific accounts. A Business Event consists of header details, such as the type and time frame, the product and target accounts. Once accounts are targeted, users are assigned call objectives for those accounts. These objectives display when users record calls for the accounts and also as alerts on the homepage.

Business Events include record types for two Japanese-specific use cases: Early Postmarketing Phase Vigilance (EPPV) and Package Inserts (PI). The EPPV use case creates call objectives for mandated user visits to doctors once new drugs come to market and are prescribed to patients. The PI use case creates call objectives for mandated user visits to doctors once package insert information is released or updated. Custom record types can be added to support additional use cases.

Business Events use the Business_Event_vod object. Specific accounts can be targets of the Event using the Business_Event_Target_vod object.

Configuring Business Events

To enable this feature: 

  1. Grant end users the following permissions: 

    Recurring Call Objectives require Create object permissions. See Call Objective Types for more information.

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS
    Business_Event_vod R Read all Read


    R Read all Read
    Call_Objective_vod R Read all Read
  2. Place the zvod_Call_Objective_vod field on the appropriate Call Report page layout to add the Objective section to the page layout and provide read FLS to end users.

  3. Add all lookup and date fields from the objects in step 1 to the Call_Objectives_vod page layout.

  4. Add a one-column section to the Call2_vod page layout that contains the zvod_Call_Objective_fod field.

  5. Make the Business Events tab visible for the appropriate profiles.

Call Reports with Call Objective selection is available on the online and iPad platforms.

Using Business Events

Business Events and Business Target Events are managed only on the Browser platform.

When a user creates call objectives for Business Event targets in the same territory as the user, the call objective owner is set to the user. If the HCO and the Business Event product owner (user assigned to the product in My Setup) are in different territories, the call objective owner is set to the Account owner.