About the 19R3 Release

This topic provides information about the Veeva CRM 19R3 release, including important dates, webinar information, and release announcements.

All dates listed are subject to change.

Dates to Remember

  • November 20 – Release Notes available
  • December 6 – Sandbox release
  • December 17 – Second Sandbox release
  • January 7 – Final Sandbox release
  • January 10 – Major release to all Orgs
  • February 7 – Lightning Support Available

What's New in 19R3

What's New in 19R3, available with the Sandbox Release, contains detailed explanations and configuration information for each feature.

The Known Issues document is provided between the Sandbox Release and the Major Release.

Preview Webinars

NA Webinars

Product Date Time Link

CRM and Events

5 December 2019 10 a.m. PST Recording


12 December 2019 10 a.m. PST Recording

EU Webinars

Product Date Time Link

CRM and Events

11 December 2019

11 a.m. CET



17 December 2019

11 a.m. CET


APAC Webinar

Product Date Time Link

CRM and Events

12 December 2019

12 p.m. SGT



Lightning Early Adopter Program

The sandbox early adopter program closes on December 6, 2019. See Veeva CRM and Lightning for more information.

Infrastructure Changes

Due to an infrastructure change, users cannot downgrade their Veeva CRM app to 19R2 after upgrading to 19R3. To downgrade, users must reinstall the Veeva CRM app.

Veeva CRM Mobile Platform and Software Deprecation

Salesforce requires all customers to migrate to their new Territory Management 2.0 model by June 2021. Because of incompatibility with this new model, the following platforms and software versions are no longer supported once Territory Management 2.0 is enabled:

  • Veeva CRM Tablet Edition
  • Veeva CRM on Windows 8
  • Veeva CRM on Windows 10 builds prior to 16299 (Fall Creators Update, version 1709)
  • All Veeva CRM versions prior to the 19R3 release

Support for Territory Management 2.0

Veeva CRM now supports Salesforce’s Territory Management 2.0 (TM2.0). This change requires action from all Veeva CRM customers. Salesforce requires all customers to migrate to their new Territory Management 2.0 model by June 2021.

See Territory Management 2.0 for more information about migrating to Territory Management 2.0.

Deprecating the Network Subscription Process

In the 20R3 release, the Network Subscription Process in the Process Scheduler will be deprecated and replaced by the Network Bridge, a feature within Veeva Network.

CLM Content Rendering on iOS - UIWebView Support Ending in 20R2

Beginning with the 20R2 release, planned for August 2020, Veeva CRM will exclusively support the WKWebView rendering engine for CLM content. Support for the legacy UIWebView rendering engine will be removed from Veeva CRM at this time. As a result, all CLM content will render using WKWebView with the release of 20R2.

Apple introduced WKWebView to fix security flaws in UIWebView and to improve performance. However, as a side effect, there may be slight impacts to content rendering that may require content updates. Veeva recommends customers and their content partners test all CLM content prior to the 20R2 release.

To review your CLM content, use the WKWebView Evaluation App. No configuration is required. Based on feedback from customers who have already completed this process, the vast majority of content renders flawlessly in WKWebView. However, there are rare instances when content updates are required.

Apple may officially remove UIWebView before the Veeva CRM 20R2 release. In this case, all CLM content will automatically use WKWebView.