Territory Management 2.0

Veeva CRM supports Salesforce’s Territory Management 2.0 (TM2.0). This change requires action from all Veeva CRM customers.

TM2.0 replaces the original Territory Management Salesforce module (TM1.0).

All Veeva customers must migrate to TM2.0 before June 2021.

Veeva recommends reviewing the Salesforce Migration FAQ before transitioning.

The transition to TM2.0 occurs in three phases, each one requiring action by the administrator and coordination with Veeva Support:

  • Assessment
  • Remediation
  • Migration

New orgs provisioned by Veeva automatically have TM2.0 enabled.

Impact Assessment Reports

Veeva provides an impact assessment report for each org to identify configurations, reports, and custom code affected by the transition to TM2.0.

All Veeva customers should have already received the assessment. If you have not received it, or are unsure who at your organization received it, contact your Account Executive.


Configurations and code identified by the impact assessment must be appropriately modified and tested by admins.

The following areas of Veeva CRM are not included in the provided impact assessment and should be thoroughly assessed by the administrator to address any functionality gaps from TM1.0 to 2.0:

  • Managed Applications
  • Integrations with applications outside of Veeva CRM
  • CLM content and custom MyInsights visualizations referencing territory

The out-of-the-box Territory Insights and WeChat Rep Dashboard MyInsights visualizations support both TM1.0 and TM2.0. If these visualizations or custom visualizations derived from them are in use, ensure the latest version of these files are download from the Developer Portal.

Testing Remediations

To begin the remediation process, admins can create a developer sandbox and contact Veeva Support to enable TM2.0 in that sandbox. In this new sandbox, admins can make and test changes to custom code, integrations, Salesforce components (for example, reports and sharing rules), and 3rd party apps necessary for the migration to TM2.0. Veeva components (mobile device sync, ATL, Zip-to-terr, and all other components related to territories) are non-operational in developer sandboxes using older versions of the application.


To enable TM2.0, contact Veeva Support and schedule a migration date.

Migration dates should be scheduled at least three full business days in advance.

Admins should expect approximately 48 hours of downtime during the migration, though this will vary based on the complexity and size of the migration. Customers should complete all migration steps during this window and restore system access to end-users once all steps are complete.

During the migration window, end users should be locked out of CRM. End users cannot successfully sync until the Territory2 Model is activated. Any data created offline during this maintenance window will sync successfully once access is restored.

After migrating, the following Veeva CRM and Salesforce Platform functionality is different in TM2.0:

Veeva CRM Functionality Differences

  • All mobile users must be on Veeva CRM 19R3 or later. Users of earlier versions will be unable to sync. To determine which users are on Veeva CRM versions earlier than 19R3, report on the following User fields for each deployed device:
  • Last_iPad_Connect_Version_vod
  • Last_iPhone_Connect_Version_vod
  • Last_WinModern_Connect_Version_vod
  • The following Veeva mobile clients are deprecated in orgs using Territory Management 2.0:
  • Blackberry
  • Tablet
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10 on builds prior to 16299 (Fall Creators Update, version 1709)

Salesforce Functionality Differences

  • The Territory field on account page layouts is removed. Admins can display an account’s territories using one or more of the following methods:
  • The View User Territory custom link (Online only)
  • The Territory Link on Account Veeva Setting (iPad and Windows)
  • Place the new Assigned Territories and Users in Assigned Territories related lists on the appropriate person account page layouts (Online only)

    For example, to ensure territory information displays on the iPad, Online, and Windows Tablet platforms, Veeva recommends adding the View User Territory custom link (Online only) and setting the Territory Link on Account Veeva Setting (iPad and Windows).

  • Account Territory Sharing Rules are deprecated
  • Custom Reports and Report Types referencing TM1.0 objects are not supported. Read the Gap Analysis Document for more information.