Customizing Product Sort Order

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The custom sort field allows the definition of a custom sort order on the Product Catalog. The feature is activated by entering a value into the field Sort_Code_vod on the Product Catalog.

The product list displayed during Order Management mass entry or Inventory Monitoring is sorted first by sort code, then product name. The sort code is an alphanumeric field, allowing for clearly defined sort orders.

Values are sorted according to the following rules:

  • Text is sorted from A to Z. For example, Greg would come before Thomas.
  • Time/date data is sorted from earliest to latest. For example, 01/01/2024 would come before 03/01/2024.
  • Numerical data is sorted from lowest to highest. For example, 10 would come before 125.

    The system compares numerical data one digit at a time to sort values. To ensure that numerical data sorts the way you expect, add leading zeros to lower numbers. For example, to prevent 10 from appearing before 2 (because the system reads the "1" in 10 first), enter 02.