Integrating Veeva Link with a MyInsights Account Page

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Veeva Link enables users to uncover new opportunities and orchestrate meaningful interactions between Veeva’s customers and their accounts by compiling profiles of experts and activities into a single view across teams and geographies. Veeva CRM customers who subscribe to Veeva Link can provide their users with a quick and easy way to open Veeva Link profiles from account detail pages.

For example, a user can view more detailed account data by selecting the Veeva Link URL on a KOL Account Detail page. This opens a MyInsights page displaying additional information such as publication details and clinical trial participation information.

Configuring Veeva Link Integration for Accounts

To enable this feature for all users:

  1. Ensure initial configuration for Accounts is complete.
  2. Grant admins FLS edit access and users FLS read access to the VL_Link_vod and VL_URL_vod fields on the Account object.
  3. Place the VL_Link_vod field on the appropriate Account page layouts.

Using Veeva Link with Accounts

To access a Veeva Link profile from an account page, select the View Profile link displayed in the VL_Link_vod field. The account’s Veeva Link page opens with the KOL profile displayed.

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