Security in Engage

Veeva Engage has many features and customizations available to ensure meetings are secure.


Engage uses the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard, offering increased protection of meeting data in transit and resistance against tampering.


Hosts are able to add security with the following functionality:

Scheduling Password Protected Meetings - Admins can require a password for an Engage meeting to increase the security of the meeting. See Enabling Passwords for Engage to configure this feature.

Locking Meeting – After all attendees join an Engage meeting, the Lock Meeting toggle blocks any new attendees from joining.

  • iPad – In the More section of the Meeting Controls menu, enable the Lock Meeting toggle
  • Online – Select Lock Meeting from one of the following areas:
  • Select the Participants menu, then select Lock Meeting in the More section
  • Select the Security button, then select Lock Meeting

Waiting Room – The waiting room enables hosts to keep attendees from joining the meeting until the host allows them in.

  • Online – Select the Security button, then select Enable Waiting Room

Removing Attendees – To ensure only invited attendees are in an Engage meeting, hosts can remove attendees from their meetings.

  • iPad – In the Attendees section of the Meeting Controls menu, select the attendee from the list and select Remove
  • Online – Available in the following areas:
  • Select the Participants button, select More next to the appropriate attendee, and select Remove
  • Select the Security button, select Remove Participant, and select the appropriate participant

Once removed, an attendee cannot rejoin the meeting.

Sharing the Screen – When presenting Engage meetings, the host’s screen is only shared while displaying CLM content.

Participant Permissions – Online hosts can control whether participants can perform the following actions by selecting or deselecting the appropriate values from the Security button:

  • Share Screen
  • Chat
  • Rename Themselves

Recording an Engage Meeting – Engage meeting does not allow meetings to be recorded


The following ensures Engage meeting attendee security:

Attendee Video – When joining an Engage meeting, the attendee’s live video feed is always disabled by default.

Meeting Not Started Room – If attendees join an Engage meeting before the host starts the meeting, the Meeting Not Started screen displays.

Engage Security Best Practices

To facilitate a secure Engage meeting, hosts should do the following:

  1. Confirm only the invited attendees are in the meeting.
  2. Remove any attendee who was not invited.
  3. Lock the meeting once all attendees join.
  4. Lock the meeting before displaying CLM content.