Sharing External Content

  • WeChat

To allow end users to view and share externally hosted content in Approved WeChat, admins can create Multichannel Content and Multichannel Content Asset records with links to the external content. Users can view the content from the WeChat content library and share it with HCPs.

For example, Sarah Jones visits Dr. Clinton Ackerman to discuss Cholecap. Sarah’s company has an externally hosted Cholecap presentation she wants to present and share with Dr. Ackerman. During the meeting, Sarah navigates to her WeChat content library and selects the presentation to display in the WeChat content previewer. Sarah selects the presentation in the content library and shares it via direct message to Dr. Ackerman’s WeChat account.

Enabling External Content

To enable external content:

  1. Ensure Approved WeChat is configured.
  2. Enable the WeChat_vod record type for the Multichannel_Content_vod object for admins and end users.
  3. Grant the following FLS permissions to the External_URL_vod field on the Multichannel_Content_Asset_vod object:
    • Admin – FLS Edit
    • End user – FLS Read

Creating External Content

Admins can create external content online using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Multichannel Contents tab.
  2. Select New Multichannel Content.
  3. Select the WeChat_vod record type.
  4. Populate the Name and Product_vod fields.
  5. Ensure the Expired_vod check box is deselected.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Navigate to the Multichannel Content Assets tab.
  8. Select New Multichannel Content Asset.
  9. Select the Engage_Slide_vod record type.
  10. Populate the Name and Product_vod fields.
  11. Look up the Multichannel_Content_vod record you just created for the Multichannel_Content_vod field.
  12. Select the appropriate media type for the Media_Type_vod field.
  13. Populate the External_URL_vod field with the link to the appropriate external content.
  14. Select the Approved option for the Status_vod field to allow users to view the external content.
  15. Select Save.

Viewing and Sharing External Content

External content displays in the WeChat content library with a link icon in the thumbnail. Users can select external content to view in the WeChat content previewer. Users can share external content by selecting the send button next to the content name.

Admins can assign content tags to external content. See Using Content Tags for more information.