Veeva Approved WeChat on WeCom

The Veeva Approved WeChat on WeCom application is a web-based application that integrates with Tencent's WeCom client and Tencent personal WeChat client. It empowers pharma reps to send chat, voice, or content with HCPs in a compliant way. Tencent WeCom also allows a customer to push feeds to HCPs using a public-facing communication channel.

WeChat Service Account vs. WeCom

Veeva has two versions of Approved WeChat applications. Approved WeChat on WeChat Service Account leverages pharma company’s corporate Service Account to send contents to HCPs. When the HCP receives the message in Service Account, the message shows which sales rep was the sender, howerver, HCP can’t reply to the sales rep directly because the Service Account is like a corporate broadcast channel. On the other hand, Approved WeChat on WeCom sends the message to HCPs using sales rep’s individual WeCom account, when HCP receives the message, the HCP is able to reply to the sales rep directly, creating an interactive dialog. Using email as analogy, Service Account is like a do-no-reply corporate email address while WeCom is like the sender’s individual email address.