Signing into the iOS Application

To sign into the iPad or iPhone application, select the application icon from the device’s home screen.

Selecting this icon displays the login page.

The first time logging in, the username field is blank and a sync session begins once the user is authenticated. For subsequent logins, the username field automatically populates with the previous username. CRM for iPad does not store passwords.

When using the App Store version of Veeva CRM, after signing in with your credentials for the first time, the Save Password modal displays if the AutoFill Passwords (iOS 16.x) or AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys (iOS 17.x) toggle in the Password Options in the Settings is enabled.

Customizing the Welcome Message and Login Image

Customers can configure a welcome message and insert a company logo on the login page.

The welcome message is defined by the WELCOME_TEXT Veeva message.

The vmobile-image-home image displays above the username and password entry controls if the image exists. See the topic on home page configuration for steps on how to set up the vmobile-image-home image.

Multi-User Support

CRM for iPad supports multiple users on a single device and each user’s data and CLM content is stored separately. This is useful for switching between sandbox and production users to facilitate training or testing. If multiple users have logged into CRM on the same device, the username field becomes a picklist that displays all users that have data stored on the device.

Retrieving Forgotten Passwords

Users can select Forgot Your Password? to request a password reset. Admins can configure the Forgot Your Password? link via the FORGOT_PASSWORD_URL Veeva Message by entering a link to the next step users should take to recover or reset their passwords, for example, Salesforce's Forgot Your Password page.

Uninstalling CRM for iOS

To uninstall CRM for iOS:

  • Touch and hold the CRM for iPad or CRM for iPhone application icon on the device's home page until it begins to shake.
  • Tap the   to delete the app. The user is prompted to confirm deletion of CRM for iPad.

Uninstalling the application removes all CRM data from the device. This action cannot be undone.