Components of Approved Notes

Approved Notes consists of the following components:

Monitoring Rule (Monitoring_Rule_vod)

Defines the list of fields monitored by Approved Notes, as well as a stated reason why the fields are monitored. Monitoring rules can have one or more monitoring phrases associated with them, defining the monitored text.

Background Monitoring rules monitor defined fields during a scheduled monitoring process job. End-users can enter, save, and sync any value in monitored fields without any indication that the field is being monitored. Evaluation of the entered field values are performed after the notes are saved in CRM and synced Online.

See Creating Monitoring Rules for more information about how to create and use monitoring rules.

Monitored Phrase (Monitored_Phrase_vod)

Each monitoring rule can have one or more monitored phrases representing which words or phrases are monitored. There are multiple types of monitoring phrases, enabling greater flexibility when defining monitored text:

  • Contains – Matches if the entered text contains the phrase

    For example, a Contains phrase where the phrase is "earn" matches both "learn" and "learned."

  • Exact – Matches if the entered text is exactly the phrase

    For example, an Exact phrase where the phrase is "earn" matches earn but does not match "learn" or "learned."

    Exact matches are case-sensitive.

  • Regex – Designates the monitored phrase as a regular expression (regex)

    Regex monitored phrases use the Python regex version 3.7. Invalid regex monitored phrases are skipped during the Approved Notes process.

    Positive and negative look-ahead and look-behind is not supported.

See Creating Monitored Phrases for more information about how to create and use monitoring phrases.

Monitored Text (Monitored_Text_vod)

Violations of monitoring rules are stored as Monitored_Text_vod records. Compliance users can use these records to review, reassign, and provide feedback on violations.

See Using Monitored Text to Review Approved Notes Violations