Creating Monitoring Rules

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Monitoring Rules define which fields are monitored and managed by Approved Notes. To create a Monitoring Rule:

  1. Navigate to the Monitoring Rule tab.
  2. Select New.
  3. Select the appropriate record type.
  4. Populate the following values:

    • Name
    • Start_Date_vod
    • End_Date_vod

      The end date cannot be before the start date. The start date and end date cannot both be in the past.

    • Field_Set_vod – The list of fields the record monitors. Fields can be on any CRM object and can be one of the following types:

      • Text
      • Text Area
      • Text Area (Long)
      • Text Area (Rich)

      When using Approved Notes to monitor text sent in Approved Email, monitor the Subject_vod and User_Input_Text_vod fields on the Sent_Email_vod object. These two fields are stamped with free text entered via Approved Email tokens when the email is sent.

      User Input Text

      Enter fields using the following format:


      Ensure integration users have read OLS and FLS access to the defined objects and fields. Entered fields must match the case of the API name of the referenced field.

    • Category_vod – Picklist defining why the associated Monitored Phrases are restricted:
    • False_Claims_vod
    • Kickbacks_vod
    • Off_Label_vod
    • Offensive_vod
    • Other_vod
  5. Select Save.

You can create up to 500 monitoring rules per org.