Joining a Virtual Event via Zoom

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Hosts of a virtual event can offer attendees the option of joining an event via their Zoom application. Providing attendees this option helps maintain the compliant hosting capabilities of a virtual event while also providing the attendee the choice of joining the event via their preferred application.

For example, Sarah Jones schedules a virtual event with Dr. Adams and Dr. Ackerman as attendees. Sarah sends an invitation to the attendees containing both the Engage Join URL and the Zoom URL. Dr. Adams joins via the Engage Web Client, while Dr. Ackerman selects the Zoom URL in the invitation and joins Sarah’s event via Zoom.


  • Speakers cannot join a virtual event via Zoom
  • Remote_Meeting_Attendee_vod connection records are created for attendees who join a virtual event via Zoom by the Attendance Tracking Process, but the EM_Attendee_vod and Veeva_Remote_Id_vod fields are not populated
  • Attendee Screen Sharing setting is not applied to virtual event attendees that join via Zoom

Configuring Joining a Virtual Event via Zoom

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant all users FLS edit permission to the following fields:

    • The zvod_Zoom_Join_Token_vod field on the EM_Event_vod object
    • The Zoom_Join_Token_vod field on the Remote_Meeting_vod object
    • The Allow_for_Joining_Event_via_Zoom_vod on the Remote_Meeting_vod object
  2. Add the zvod_Zoom_Join_Token_vod field to the appropriate EM_Event_vod object page layouts.
  3. Add the Zoom_Join_Token_vod field to the appropriate Remote_Meeting_vod object page layouts.

Displaying the Zoom URL in a Virtual Event

The Zoom URL displays as the zvod_Zoom_Join_Token_vod field on the virtual event. Event organizers can then copy and communicate the link to attendees or send the link to attendees via an Approved Email invitation.

Adding the Zoom URL to Approved Email Templates

Virtual event organizers can include the Zoom URL in the invitation sent to attendees by adding the {{insertEngageAndZoomJoinURL[Language Code]}} token to the appropriate Approved Email templates.

Click tracking is not supported for Approved Emails containing the {{insertEngageAndZoomJoinURL[Language Code]}} token.

If the template also contains the {{addToCalendar}} token, the text generated by {{insertEngageAndZoomJoinURL[Language Code]}} will be included in the description of the ICS file.

See Adding the Zoom URL to Approved Email Templates for more information.

Since speakers cannot join a virtual event via Zoom, the entirety of the {{insertEngageAndZoomJoinURL[Language Code]}} token, including the Meeting ID and password, does not render for speakers. However, this information is still included in the generated ICS file if the {{addToCalendar}} token is also used.