Tracking CLM Preview Activity on the Veeva CRM Desktop App

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)

When users display CLM presentations in Presentation View outside of call mode, the displayed slides are tracked to Multichannel Activity and Multichannel Activity Lines. This additional CLM tracking allows customers to report on usage of CLM outside of call mode to better understand the full utilization of CLM.

Users do not need an active internet connection to track preview activity. Any activity tracked offline automatically syncs when the user connects to the internet.

Tracking preview activity stamps the following information on Multichannel_Activity_vod records:

  • Media_Preview_vod = True
  • Saved_for_Later_vod = False

See Tracking CLM Key Messages for more information about the conditions to track CLM activity.

For example, Sarah Jones does not have any upcoming calls about Cholecap but wants to be prepared to discuss the product at any time. To review information about the product, she launches a Cholecap presentation from the media library and displays it in Presentation View without a call. The app immediately begins tracking the CLM preview activity.

Configuring CLM Preview Activity Tracking

To enable CLM preview activity tracking:

  1. Clone the CLM_TRACK_PREVIEW_ACTIVITY_VOD permission set and assign it to the appropriate users. Alternatively, grant end users the following permissions:



    Record Types






    • CLM_Presentation_vod
    • Datetime_vod
    • Detail_Group_vod (optional)
    • Detail_Group_VExternal_Id_vod (optional)
    • Duration_vod (optional)
    • Entity_Reference_KM_Id_vod (optional)
    • Key_Message_Version_vod (optional)
    • Event_Type_vod
    • Key_Message_vod
    • Key_Message_VExternal_Id_vod
    • Mobile_ID_vod
    • Multichannel_Activity_vod
    • Product_vod (optional)
    • Product_VExternal_Id_vod (optional)
    • RecordTypeId
    • Share_Channel_vod (optional)
    • View_Order_vod







    • Client_Name_vod (optional)
    • Icon_vod (optional)
    • Media_Preview_vod
    • Mobile_ID_vod
    • Owner
    • RecordType
    • Record_Type_Name_vod (optional)
    • Start_Datetime_vod
    • Total_Duration_vod (optional)




  2. Ensure VMOCs for the following objects are active for the appropriate platform:
    • Multichannel_Activity_Line_vod
    • Multichannel_Activity_vod
    • Record Type

To enable Save for Later tracking in Veeva CRM Desktop, which allows users to track CLM activity on calls as unassigned presentations and associate the activity with calls at a later time, see Tracking Save for Later CLM Activity in the Veeva CRM Desktop App.

Syncing Preview Activity

Preview activity tracking starts when a user launches a presentation in Presentation View without a call. Tracking ends and the activity syncs to Veeva CRM when one of the following occurs:

  • The user initiates call mode from a call report
  • The user initiates Save for Later call mode
  • The Veeva CRM Desktop app is restarted