Advanced Functionality for Order Management

Admins can enable the following advanced functionality for users:

  • Pricing Guide Overview - Order Management includes pricing information for products customers can order. Used in conjunction with pricing rules, pricing guide topics provide overall information on pricing within Order Management.
  • Pricing Rules Overview - Each pricing rule can be assigned globally, per account group, per account, or per order campaign. All pricing rules have page layouts that expose exactly the relevant fields for each type. Every pricing rule follows the concept of effective date pricing.
  • Order Entry - Initiate Orders from various points in the application, including from CLM, and send receipts using Approved Email. Orders can be split by delivery date, delivery address, payment terms, and wholesaler (transfer orders).
  • Processing Orders - Submit orders for validation of item limits, payment terms, order approval, and (using external applications such as SAP or Sage) invoicing, logistics, and shipping
  • Review and Analyze Orders - Use the MyInsights Dashboard to review reports, check order accuracy, and improve customer engagement