Product Kits

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Kits are groups of Products sold as one item. For example, a Product display in a pharmacy, where a certain combination of cold medicines are presented together. Another example is a Product bundle, where control over the Product quantities in the Kit is necessary.

Kits are represented in the Product Catalog. The Kit itself is represented by a Product Catalog record with Product_Type_vod of Order. The Kit is linked to the brand by setting the Parent_Product_vod field to the Product record where Product_Type_vod is Detail. The items that make up the Kit are represented by records where Product_Type_vod equals Kit Item. These items are linked to the Kit by setting the Parent _Product_vod field to the corresponding Kit record.

For example, to configure a Kit for Cholecap:

  1. Create a Parent Product called Cholecap.
  • Set the Parent_Product_vod field to Cholesterol Reducers
  • Set the Product_Type_vod field to Detail
  1. Create a Kit called Cholecap Kit.
  • Set the Parent_Product_vod field to Cholecap
  • Set the Product_Type_vod field to Order
  1. Create items to be part of the Kit.
  • Set the Product Name to Kit Cholecap 100 capsules.
  • Set the Parent_Product_vod field to Cholecap Kit
  • Set the Product_Type_vod field to Kit Item

Users enter quantities for the Kits they want to order. Once the number of Kits is specified, the quantities of the items the Kit comprises are automatically updated.

Specifying the quantities of each Kit item, as opposed to entering quantities of full Kits, is also supported. This feature disables the Kit_Components_Fixed_vod Veeva Setting. This setting is applicable for both Single Entry and Mass Entry Modes.

Important guidelines concerning Kits:

  • Kit Items must always have two pricing rules defined for them:
  • List Price Rules
  • Limit Rules to determine the default quantity (unbound)
  • The Kit itself (where the Product_Type_vod field is set to Order) does not need its own Pricing Rule. The Kit does not display unless all Kit Items are defined correctly.

Kit Items do not receive Product Group, Brand Level, or Total Order Level discounts. For example, if a Brand Level Pricing Rule gives a 20 percent discount on all Cholecap items, the discount is not applied to Cholecap items in a Kit. However, if a user orders a Kit containing 10 Cholecap and a Pricing Rule offers a 10 percent discount on Orders of more than 50 Cholecap, the 10 Cholecap in the Kit count toward the 50.