Creating Medical Events Calendar Reminders

When users send Medical Events invitations via Approved Email, they can include an .ICS file attachment. This file attachment allows recipients to add a calendar entry for the event on common calendar applications.

For example, Sarah Jones invites Dr. Ackerman to a Medical Event and sends the invitation using Approved Email. The Approved Email template used contains the {{addToCalendar}} token, so when Dr. Ackerman receives the invitation, an .ICS file is attached to the email. When Dr. Ackerman selects the attachment, the event is added to his calendar.



The following are prerequisites for this feature:


To configure this feature, grant end-users FLS read permission to the Start_Time_vod field on the Medical_Event_vod object.

The .ICS file automatically pulls in data from the Medical Event.

The following fields pull in optionally if the user sending the email has FLS read permission and the fields contain a value:

  • End_Time_vod field on the Medical_Event_vod object
  • Location__c field on the Medical_Event_vod object


To provide recipients with a calendar reminder, content admins insert the {{addToCalendar}} token anywhere in the Email Template. This token attaches an .ICS (iCalendar) file to the Medical Event email invitation. Content Admins can add this token to the Email Template manually or with the BEE Editor.

If an event is rescheduled, or other key attributes of the event transmitted in the .ICS file are updated, the email template containing the {{addToCalendar}} token must be resent. When the .ICS attachment is opened, the existing calendar entry on the recipient’s calendar is updated to reflect the changes.

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