Creating Contracts from Call Objectives

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Users can create and negotiate a Contract from a Call Objective. Administrators can create a Call Objective and link it to a contract template so users can view the Call Objective on the Call Report, negotiate the Contract, and complete the Call Objective.

Multiple Contracts from a Call Objective can exist on the same Call Report giving users a convenient repository for Contracts when annual renewals occur.

Validation Rules cannot be used against Contract Call Objectives.

Configuring Contracts from Call Objectives

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable Call Objectives. See Call Objectives for configuration information.
  2. Grant access to the Contract_vod record type on the Call_Objective_vod object for user profiles who need to create and complete contract Call Objectives.
  3. Ensure the user has FLS edit permission to the following fields on the Call_Objective_vod object.
  • Name_vod
  • Account_vod
  • Contract_vod
  • From_vod
  • To_vod
  • Completed_vod
  • Call_vod
  • On_by_default_vod (optional)
  • One_Click_Completion_vod (optional)
  • Recurring_vod (optional)
  • Parent_Objective_vod (optional)
  • Mobile_ID_vod (optional)
  • Comment_vod (optional)

Using Contracts from Call Objectives

As with standard Call Objectives, Contract Call Objectives can be flagged as On by Default, One Click Completion, or Recurring. See Call Objective Types for more information. They can also be accessed via the Call Report (the Account must be the Primary Account on the Call), Call Objective tile on the Home page, and the Accounts related list.

Contract Call Objectives display like standard Call Objectives on the Call Report with the addition of an icon that launches the Contract. When a user selects the icon, the Call is saved and users are able to select the appropriate template to open the Contract.

The Call Objective can be completed even if the Contract negotiation process is not complete. If the user cancels the Contract, the Call Objective is not completed, the Agreement record is not saved, and the user returns to the Call Report.

Users can complete recurring Call Objectives multiple times during a predefined time frame. These display on Call Report if the Call Report Date is between the Objectives From and To dates and the Agreement status is not Signed.