Swapping the Signee

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  • Windows

Users can swap the sample recipient for another signee on the signature capture page. This enables users to react quickly to changes in attendees during a call, for increased flexibility in call reporting. For example, Sarah Jones creates a call for Dr. Ackerman. While Sarah is on the way to Dr. Ackerman’s office, she sees Dr. Balfe in the hallway and takes the opportunity to sample Cholecap to her. Sarah quickly swaps the signee to capture Dr. Balfe’s signature on the call report initially created for Dr. Ackerman.

Using Swap Signee

Users swap the signee by selecting the drop-down menu next to the account name on the signature page and selecting another signer. For individual calls and group calls, but not unique activities group calls, swapping the signee also transfers call details and media recorded up to that point to the new signer.

Users can search for additional accounts using the type-ahead search. Only accounts able to receive samples by meeting criteria defined by sample limits, restricted products, and licenses can be selected in the swap window.

If BRC products are selected in the call, users can change the shipping address by selecting the shipping icon next to the swap icon. This displays a list of account addresses. Only sample eligible addresses can be selected as the shipping address.

The following table describes the default accounts listed in the Swap Signee window, depending on the type of call, attendees and call conditions:


Default Swap Criteria

Individual Call

Displays siblings via the account hierarchy and siblings via affiliations.

  • If the ENABLE_MYSCHEDULE_CALL_LOCATION Veeva setting is disabled, a list of person affiliations of business affiliations displays as well as the siblings in the account hierarchy
  • If the account is a Business Professional, only the Business Professional child accounts of the primary parent account display

Individual Call w/ Call Location

Displays a list of accounts constrained by the business account selected as the call location. If an account does not have a controlled address, then it is listed but grayed out.

  • If the call location is affiliated to the primary account on the call, the dialog displays person accounts affiliated to that business account
  • If the call location is the parent of the primary account on the call, via the account hierarchy, the Swap Signee window displays only child person accounts of that business account

Individual Call w/ Business_Professional_vod

Lists only siblings via the hierarchy that are of the Business_Professional_vod record type. Accounts do not have to have controlled addresses.

Group Call

Lists child person accounts and affiliated person accounts.

Unique Activities Group Calls

Enables the user to select either an existing attendee on the call or a new attendee.

  • If the user selects an existing attendee on the group call, the existing signature page for that attendee displays
  • If the user selects a new attendee, the normal Swap Signee dialog displays