Capturing a One-Time Sample Drop

  • CRM Desktop ( Mac (Sandbox Beta), Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

One-time sample drop enables users to take advantage of the PDMA-defined rule allowing users to provide new accounts with one sample drop before the accounts' license information is officially verified. Depending on company policies, users can provide new accounts with samples on their first call, if sample recipients provide evidence of licensure (for example, a license number) at the address where they are licensed.

For example, Sarah Jones is on a call to Dr. Adams, a new account. Dr. Adams requests samples of Cholecap and Narbrax. Sarah enters his license information on the call report. She then disburses the samples to him, even though his license information has not yet been verified against state records.

Conditions for One-Time Sample Drop

The following conditions are required for a one-time sample drop:

  • The signing account’s Address record has the following field values:
  • License Status is New
  • License Valid to Sample is currently Invalid
  • The license has not expired (License Expiration Date is greater than the current date)
  • The License field is populated
  • The signing account has not previously signed for a sample disbursement from this company

If the conditions are not met, the HCP does not meet validation requirements and users are not able to capture signatures or submit the call. (For more information on validation requirements for signing and submitting, see Validating Samples on Signature Capture and Submitting a Call with Samples.)

Configuring One-Time Sample Drop

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality. Additionally, select the check box for the ENABLE_LICENSE_EXP_DATE_BYPASS Veeva setting.

Using One-Time Sample Drop

Users can disburse samples in a one-time sample drop to new person accounts if the account is created from a mobile platform. New accounts created in Browser can be set to the appropriate conditions; see Conditions for One-Time Sample Drop.

However, one-time sample drop can only be used the first time an HCP receives samples from a company. When users capture the HCP signature for a one-time sample drop, the account’s license status is automatically set to Sampled. This license status is synced to Veeva CRM Browser , where the License Valid to Sample and Sample Status fields are both automatically updated to Invalid. The HCP cannot receive more samples until a sample admin or license verification solution verifies the license and updates the account’s sample status to Valid.

Restricting One-Time Sample Drop

To disable one-time sample drops for all accounts with a specific person account record type, populate the NEW_ACCOUNT_TYPES_DISABLE_LICENSE_INFO Veeva setting with a comma-delimited list of account record types. For example:


If a new account’s record type is included in this list, users cannot capture a state license number and expiration date for the account, preventing the one-time sample drop.