Tracking Manual Territory Alignment History

  • Browser
  • iPad

The Manual Territory Alignment History object in Veeva CRM tracks when end users manually add an account to their territory in order to document interactions. Records of this object provide an auditable history of when an account was manually assigned to a territory that can be used by business admins and other management groups for both reporting and for use in territory alignment rules.

Manual Territory Alignment History records are automatically created whenever a user manually assigns an account to their territory, and contains references to the user, account, the account’s previous territories, and the account’s new territories.

Who Can Use this Feature?

  • Platforms – Browser, iPad
  • Licensing – No additional licensing requirements
  • Users – Business admins, end users

Configuring Manual Territory Alignment Tracking

All Users

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant the following permissions:



    Record Types






    • Name
    • User_vod
    • Account_vod
    • New_Territories_vod
    • Previous_Territories_vod
    • Source_vod
    • Platform_vod


Using Manual Territory Alignment History Records

The Manual_Territory_Alignment_History_vod object tracks the manual assignment of an account to a territory when added via one of the following features:

Manual_Territory_Alignment_History_vod records are not created when the account is added to the territory using Network Account Search. If Network Account Search and Global Account Search are both enabled for a user's profile, Network Account Search is used.

When an Account_Territory_Loader_vod record is successfully created or updated via one of the above features, a Manual_Territory_Alignment_History_vod record is created with the following fields:

  • User_vod – References the user who initiated the manual alignment
  • Account_vod – References the account the user manually aligned
  • New_Territories_vod – The list of all selected territories added to the Territory_to_Add_vod field on the Account_Territory_Loader_vod. Territories are listed in semicolon separated format.
  • Previous_Territories_vod – The list of all territories the account was aligned to prior to the manual alignment, including territory alignments based on the ObjectTerritory2Association records for the account. Territories are listed in semicolon separated format.
  • Source_vod – How the manual alignment was initiated. Available values are:
  • Global_Account_Search_vod
  • Stakeholder_Navigator_vod
  • Account_Hierarchy_vod
  • Platform_vod – The platform the user used to perform the manual alignment

If the user manually assigns multiple accounts to their territory at once, one Manual_Territory_Alignment_History_vod record is created for each account added.