Accounts Components

The Accounts module consists of the following components:

Accounts Objects

The Accounts module incorporates 11 objects covering account creation, modification, and tracking.

Account Details

  • Account – The initial object for creating and working with an account
  • Address_vod – This object stores all addresses for account profiles. It also stores physicians’ DEA and state license information.
  • Affiliation_vod – This object stores affiliations between person accounts, business accounts, and contacts visualized in the Sphere of Influence module
  • Child_Account_vod - This object stores the hierarchy relations between person accounts and business accounts in a Parent-Child, HCO-HCO, or HCO-HCP manner. These relationships are displayed in the Account Hierarchy.

Account Territory Management

  • TSF_vod – This object stores territory-specific fields for an account

Account Change Management

  • Data_Change_Request_vod – This object stores information for the data change request header
  • Data_Change_Request_Line_vod – This object stores information for data change request lines
  • DCR_Field_Type_vod – This object indicates DCR-controlled fields and which changes need to be sent to Veeva Network

My Accounts

  • Account_List_vod – This object stores a list of accounts
  • Account_List_Item_vod – This object’s records represent individual accounts in lists on the Account_List_vod object
  • View_vod - This object stores information about Account Views

Accounts Record Types

Record types are used on two Accounts objects.

There are sixteen related record types on the Account object:

  • Board_vod – indicates a board membership account
  • Distributor_Branch_vod – indicates a distributor branch account
  • Distributor_vod – indicates a distributor account
  • Employer_vod – indicates an employer account
  • Government_Agency_vod – indicates a government agency account
  • Hospital_Department_vod – indicates a hospital department account
  • Hospital_vod – indicates a hospital account
  • Institution_vod – indicates an institution account
  • Laboratory_vod – indicates a laboratory account
  • MCO_Plan_vod – indicates a managed care plan account
  • MCO_vod – indicates a managed care organization account
  • Organization_vod – indicates the account is a non-MCO organization
  • Pharmacy_vod – indicates a pharmacy account
  • Practice_vod – indicates a medical practice account
  • Publication_vod – indicates a publication account
  • Wholesaler_vod – indicates a wholesaler account

There are four related record types on the PersonAccount object:

  • Business_Professional_vod – indicates a business professional account
  • KOL_vod – indicates a key opinion leader
  • Person Account – indicates a person account
  • Professional_vod – indicates a medical professional account