Call Objective Management in Plan Tactics

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When utilizing Plan Tactics, users can now create and manage Call Objectives quickly and sequentially. Specifically, users can:

  • Create multiple Call Objectives within Plan Tactics - Call Objectives can belong to any record type the user has access to
  • Associate Call Objectives to multiple Tactical Associations

Users can perform these tasks on one page, allowing for a more streamlined and efficient process when managing Call Objectives within Plan Tactics.

Configuring Call Objective Management in Plan Tactics

To enable this feature:

1. Ensure Plan Tactics are enabled.

2. Grant end users access to the Create_COs_For_Tactical_Associations_vod Visualforce Page.

3. Enable the BULK_CALL_OBJECTIVE_CREATION_vod Veeva Setting with a value of 1.

Using Call Objective Management in Plan Tactics

When enabled, the Add Call Objective button displays at the top of the Account Tactic section in the Account Plan Detail page. Select this button to create new Call Objectives.

Tactical Associations within the Plan Tactic display at the top of the New Call Objective page.

To create Call Objectives for an Account, select the adjacent check box.

To create a Call Objective for any other record type, select the adjacent Add Call Objective button. The page expands, allowing users to enter data relevant to Call Objective creation for that record type. Selecting Save creates a copy of each Call Objective for each selected Tactical Association.

Users should not manually edit the Account, Account Tactic, Plan Tactic, or Account Plan fields when Call Objectives are created in this manner.