Using Product Metrics with Detail Groups and Detail Topics

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The Metric Configurations module controls how product metrics are displayed. Users cannot add or delete any fields on this object.

When configuring new product metrics, the Applies To field allows you to determine which metrics display on which account page based on the Record Type. If creating a new Account Record Type, update the Applies To picklist with the name of the new record type so the user can select it when setting up Metric Configurations.

This feature applies only to product metrics picklist fields.

Enabling Product Metrics and Detail Groups

To update the Applies To picklist:

  1. Navigate to the Metric Configurations custom object.
  2. Drill down to the Applies To picklist.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter all the values of the newly created Account Record Types.
  5. Select Save.

The Account Record Type values in this picklist must exactly match the names of the Account Record Types.

Metrics can be set up for Detail Groups and Detail Topics in the same way they are used for Products.

To enable Metric Configurations:

  1. Place the Detail_Group_vod__c and the Detail_Topic_vod__c custom fields on the Metric Configuration object page layout.
  2. Set the appropriate Field Level Security for both.
  3. Create new metrics, using the Metric Configurations tab, for the Detail Groups and Detail Topics by cloning existing metrics and editing them, or creating them new (See Metric Configurations).

When editing the Metric Configuration, follow the same procedure for Products plus the following steps:

  • Enter the Detail Group using the look up. This enables metrics for the Products associated with the Detail Group.
  • Enter the Detail Group and select the Detail Topic check box. This will apply the metrics to all Topics associated to the named Detail Group.
  • Create two separate metrics; one for the Group, and one for the Group plus the Topics.
  • The No Detail and No Metric flags on the Product Catalog entry also restrict Detail Topics
  • Removing a group from metrics of an account deletes the underlying data
  • The Account View filters do not allow filtering by Topic Metrics
  • When creating or editing an account view, you cannot directly select Formatted Name. The Formatted Name field is used as the Name field if the user has visibility to it.

Metrics Control in Ratings and Evaluations

When viewing the Ratings and Evaluations section of an Account, the user can enable/disable the tabs that display at the top of the section. Clicking a tab displays the metrics for that particular Detail Group. The Common tab, which contains products not associated with a Detail Group, always displays. These tabs will display when you enable Detail Groups (and Detail topics) in metric configurations.

To control the appearance of the tabs, click the pencil icon tab on the right. This will toggle the Detail Groups Selector. Enable the various tabs by clicking the On/Off buttons next to the desired tabs. Click the Close button or the red x at the top right to close the Selector.

Removing a group from metrics of an account wipes the underlying data.

Deleting Detail Groups in Product Metrics

To clarify the deletion of a Detail Group from Product Metrics, warning messages display to the user performing the delete.

Users need Delete permission on Product_Metrics_vod object. With Delete permission, a confirmation message displays informing the user of the action.

  • If the user clicks Yes in the confirmation dialog, Groups and their related data are purged. This means the user can toggle the tabs on and off without repercussions while the tab edit dialog is open.
  • If the user clicks No, the detail groups that were disabled in the Detail Group Selector are re-selected

If users do not have Delete permission, a message displays indicating they are not able to perform the deletion.

To hide the Pencil Icon for end users, set the Disable Edit Account Metrics Tab Veeva Setting to TRUE.