Settings for CRM Desktop (Windows)

The Settings page for the CRM Desktop app provides setting and status information for users' media, database, and hardware.


  • Users can select Refresh in the Media section to initiate a refresh of media to the CRM Desktop app
  • Users can select to display a slideshow In Full Screen or In Window. This setting applies to all CLM presentations launched from the CRM Desktop app
  • Users can toggle Always Start Presenter View on or off

Advanced Settings


If High Performance Call Report is not enabled, the Database section does not display any database status information.

  • The status of the initial download or refresh of configuration and call data for users displays in the Advanced Settings section. If the database download or refresh is successful, a time stamp of the last refresh displays, if any errors occurred, and details regarding those errors.
  • If a refresh fails, a message displays notifying users so they can retry refreshing the data by selecting the Refresh button. If a call cannot be opened after the initial download of configuration and call data has failed, an alert window displays to contact an administrator.
  • Users can view a summary of the local database by selecting the arrow next to the Refresh button in the Advanced Settings section

  • If there are database upload errors, the Advanced Settings section on the Settings page displays the number of upload errors. Users can view the list of upload errors by selecting the View Errors button. When an upload error occurs, the app icon in the taskbar flashes.
  • If an internet connection is lost during a refresh or a user initiates a refresh without an internet connection, a Check Connection message displays next to the last refresh time in the Database section of the settings menu. An automatic retry does not occur other than the next scheduled daily sync.

Customers using a custom VMOC for the Message_vod object for CRM Desktop (Windows) and have SYNC_CONFIGURATION_MODE_VOD Veeva Setting set to 0 should update their CRM Desktop (Windows) VMOC to include all message categories. See Device and Software Requirements for Windows.

Hardware Acceleration

Users can toggle Use hardware acceleration when available on or off.