Using Account Lists and Views in WeChat CRM

Users can organize accounts (i.e. HCPs) into account lists and views. The lists and views can be integrated into the My Accounts page, allowing users to view, create, and manage accounts easily.

Configuring Account Lists and Views

To enable account lists and views:

  1. Populate the WE_ENABLE_ACCOUNT_LISTS WeChat Setting with a value of 1. The default value is 0.
  2. Populate the Account_LIST_CLOS_vod Veeva Message with a comma-delimited list of fields to display on the My Accounts page using the format Object_API_Name.Field_API_Name, for example, Account.Name,Address_vod.City_vod.

Using Account Lists and Views

Admins can define account views online using criteria on the following supported objects:

  • Account
  • Address_vod
  • TSF_vod
  • Product_Metric_vod
  • Dynamic_Attribute_Configuration_vod

Users can sync their mobile devices to view the account views. Account views typically display with account lists. Account views change when the supporting data matching the query is modified.

Users can create account lists on their mobile devices to select account records from an account view based on user-specific criteria.

See Account Lists and Views for more information.